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  • Total Badassery

    Total Badassery

    Everything you see here is badass. Totally.

  • Connor Clay

    Connor Clay

    Nerd, college student, has high-functioning autism, plays video games, and writes fanfiction. Liberal/progressive/pro-social justice and a feminist. And a WASP.

  • Ash Parrish

    Ash Parrish

    I'm the token black chick. The little black dot. Aspiring writer, semi-pro adult, and professional salt lick.

  • Kim McAuliffe

    Kim McAuliffe

    Author and senior game designer. Hufflepuff. She/her. Former Xbox. Made text role-playing game about body image "The Mirror" http://mirrorga.me (desktop only)

  • Kat Green

    Kat Green

    Amateur writer and story-teller. Young idealistic. Trying to make a difference.

  • Ana Comor

    Ana Comor

    The girl with kaleidoscope eyes

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